Outdoor Education Programs

Immersion, Exploration, & Discovery

Programs to get everyone out in nature.

We are passionate about providing hands-on, immersive experiences that help individuals connect with nature, develop essential life skills, and foster a deeper appreciation for the environment. Our programs are designed to accommodate a variety of age ranges, interests, and experience levels.

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Opportunities are available for all ages
Participants will engage in activities and games that strengthen their observational skills, build self reliance and social skills, and increase their knowledge of local plants, animals, and ecosystems.


Field Trips & Classroom Programs: the best way to learn about nature is in nature. All school programs use fun, educational, hands-on activities which encourage investigation and discovery with the natural world and are customized for all grade levels.


Nature Preschool at Maple Grove is an early childhood, outdoor education program. The curriculum is inquiry-based and emerges out of the students’ curiosity and motivation. Students will learn within nature, about nature and about their place on earth.