Youth Programs

Science education outside of school

People learn best from personal experience, and kids are no different. We structure our youth programs to encourage curiosity, creative thinking, and exploration. Our staff are experienced educators who believe that positive experiences in nature will lead to a desire for lifelong learning. We aspire to inspire actions and choices that are mindful of the effects on others, including people (both present and absent) and other organisms. We model respect for each other and other living things, and that includes not presenting the animals we find in a manner that will cause stress to them or our participants.

At OEA, we understand that not everyone is a nature enthusiast, and even those who are have things that give them heebie-jeebies. We allow program participants to come to nature from their own starting point, and we never pressure anyone into experiences with which they are really uncomfortable. Providing knowledge and experiences that allow growth, we gently push comfort zones, encouraging participants to acknowledge and understand their fears and discomforts.