This fall Yamhill County middle and high school students will visit local rivers to learn about the life and habitat of salmon and leave with an increased understanding of the importance of river ecosystems.

During each field trip volunteer educators teach the following field learning stations: salmon biology, macroinvertebrate (aquatic insect) identification, water quality testing, and riparian (streambank) observation/nature awareness. No experience is necessary, training will be provided. 

Spend a day sharing your knowledge and love of the outdoors with Yamhill County Youth. Volunteer educators are an essential part of the success of this program. Plus Salmon Watch field trips are fun and rewarding for all.

Thank you for your time and consideration. We hope you can join us on the river!

Station Descriptions:

Salmon Biology: Students will learn how to look for salmon in the river and discuss the life cycle, anatomy, spawning behavior, and their importance in the ecosystem.

Macroinvertebrates: At this station, students collect and identify aquatic insects in the stream and use that information to evaluate the health of the stream and suitability as salmon habitat. Data collected will be uploaded to OSU’s StreamWebs online database.

Water Quality:  Students will test temperature, pH, and dissolved oxygen to determine current water conditions and discuss how water quality affects salmon.  Data collected will be uploaded to OSU’s StreamWebs online database.

Riparian Zone: This station is an opportunity to learn about the interrelationship between salmon, humans and the watershed they share. Activities that help students gain a broader perspective include: discussion of human impacts, riparian metaphor game, plant ID scavenger hunt, stream mapping.

Interested in volunteering? Please fill out a Volunteer Application.