From Our Board of Directors

Collage of many smiling faces

Why the Members of Our Board of Directors Give to OEA

Although our organization started as an LLC, since March of 2020 OEA has been operated as a public charity (501.c.3) by a wonderful volunteer Board of Directors. This group of talented people donate their time, skills, energy, and funds to our outdoor science education program. They give to OEA because:

  • I want my community to thrive, and getting kids out in nature helps that happen. – Molly Lord-Garrettson, Board President
  • I want children to be able to play and learn outside, in order to understand and value the natural world around them. – Kelly Hetzler, Board Secretary
  • I want kids to have fun in the mud! – Lyne Breault, Board Treasurer
  • I want to help all kids to access the outdoors. – Jackie Lee, Member
  • I wholeheartedly believe in the importance of nature-based education. I believe kids need to learn how the natural world ‘works’ in a direct, authentic way. Being outside in all weather, all seasons, connects kids to the place they live, teaches them to ’see’ the world in ways that technology cannot. – Samantha Rynearson, Member

Donations to OEA go towards buying needed equipment and supplies, hiring more staff, offering scholarships, and expanding our programs to reach more kids in Yamhill County. Giving to our non-profit means that all of your donations are tax deductible. Your generous gift allows us to keep focused on expanding our programs so that every kid has a chance to Play, Adventure, and Learn!