Payment Options & Tax Info

We want every kid to have an opportunity to go to camp.

Sometimes a family just needs to be able to make payments in chunks. Sometimes they need just a little bit taken off of the tuition price. Sometimes they need a lot. We understand there are many reasons why families may need assistance, and a variety of assistance that may be needed (we’ve been there!). Finances shouldn’t be a barrier to having the camp experience. We trust our families and our community, and have tried to develop a system that meets people where they are without stigma. Below you will find payment options and assistance plans. If you need to, we hope you will take advantage of them to give your kid an opportunity to go to camp.

Payment Options

Families have several options for paying for camp. You may pay online via Paypal, or you may send a check. You may also request to make payments over time or for a sliding-scale tuition adjustment.

How to Request to Make Payments or for a Tuition Adjustment

Prior to registering for camp, please complete and return OEA’s Request for Adjusted Tuition or Payment Plan.  This is an honor-based, sliding-scale financial assistance program. You may also print a copy of the application and mail it. Recipients will be given individual codes to use at checkout. If you have other barriers, please contact us; we really want to be of assistance.

Helping Families in Need Is Good for the Whole Community

When we have funding for financial assistance, we want families to take advantage of it. Your application for tuition adjustment empowers us to raise funds for OEA programs. Documenting the community need for financial assistance enables us to develop stronger grant proposals and more impactful donation/sponsorship requests. 

Mailing Address for Checks or Hard Copies of Payment Adjustment Requests

Please send paper correspondence to:

1382 NW Countryside Ct.
McMinnville, OR 97128

Request Deadline

The earlier you make your request, the better. Tuition adjustment requests must be received by OEA at least two weeks before the start of the associated camp. Payments-over-time requests must be made at least three months prior to the start of camp. Final payments must be made at least two weeks before the start of camp.


Tuition adjustments are awarded on a sliding-scale and honor system. Requests are awarded as possible on a first-come, first-served basis. Please request an amount based on what you can afford to contribute to your child’s camp experience, up to 80% off of full tuition. 

  • We cannot guarantee that sufficient resources will be available to fulfill your request, but we rarely turn people away.
  • OEA will contact you as soon as possible with a determination.

Meeting Demand

We strive to meet the environmental education needs of our community. Unfortunately, we are not able to fulfill all of the requests we receive and the resources we have available for tuition adjustments will vary from year to year and for every OEA event. Applicants may be limited to one week of adjusted camp tuition per season.

About Our Sponsors

Funding for this camp tuition adjustment program is generously provided through the Yamhill Watershed Stewardship Fund, our staff, and private donors. To make a tax-deductible donation, please click the donate button below.  Thank you for supporting Outdoor Education Adventures!


EIN Number for Tax Information

OEA’s EIN Number is 82-0836935. We are classified as a 501(c)(3) public charity; please ask your tax adviser for more information on what that means for you.