This phrase is the means and the end for us at Outdoor Education Adventures (OEA). Eagle Eye, Cougar Stalks Deer, Lizard Tails, Sleeping Giant, and The Wild People of Elephant Forest … these are just a few of the games kids will tell you about after coming to our programs. Play is our credo.

Collage of kids playing games outside.

We see adventure as the willingness to take risks, to explore, and to have new experiences. We see that when children, teens, and adults are encouraged to play and adventure, that learning is unavoidable! We believe this makes a positive difference in the world!

Kids playing blindfold and quest games outside.

Most people are tactile, kinetic learners, which means they learn best when they are doing things, touching and manipulating objects. Research clearly shows that people who move and play games learn better and hold onto what they’ve learned longer. At OEA, we take advantage of this by engaging our students in games that teach them and reinforce the skills they need to fully and safely enjoy their time immersed in nature.

Additionally, all of our educators have backgrounds as natural resource professionals and educators, experiences that give them the knowledge to answer the hundreds of questions our students ask every day. Our seasonal staff as well are usually students seeking careers in natural resource fields who happen to also be keen on sharing their interests with kids.

Our staff inspire kids to WANT to learn more because learning is fun!